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NEPS President and CTO Denise Miano Shares Document Expertise at Graph Expo Conference

Popularity of Session on Optimizing Document Management Processes Underscores Business Need for Effective Business Communications

NEPS, LLC, a leading provider of document composition services and technologies, today announced that its president and CTO, Denise Miano,presented a session entitled, “Let the Tools Do the Work” at Graph Expo in Chicago, IL on October 6 to a fully engaged audience. More frequently in today’s industry, complex documents are playing an integral, supportive role in critical business communications, driving CRM applications as well as regulatory and compliance related activities, making document management processes a business priority.

During the session, Miano shared how implementing specific technologies throughout the entire document lifecycle can optimize overall financial performance and workflows, while capitalizing on multi-channel communications to track and improve results. Additionally, Miano covered the steps needed to create a comprehensive approach that incorporates the right expertise, methodology, and technology solutions, citing specific working examples of various document applications.
According to a recent report from InfoTrends, many organizations are weighed down by legacy systems that compromise their ability to communicate effectively and control document production and management costs. Miano addressed this industry challenge explaining that companies can achieve a competitive advantage and accelerate their ROI by integrating multi-channel communications with the tools best suited for each step in the process, resulting in faster time to market and lower overall costs.
 “Choosing the right tools for every segment of the document management process is a critical aspect of optimizing a company’s print and e-documents workflow,” said Denise Miano, president and CTO.   “It is important to know what goes into an effective overall document design, management, and production program in order to implement processes that deliver the ideal blend of speed, flexibility, impact, and cost effectiveness.”
Miano has more than 20 years of experience in systems design and the implementation of state-of-the-art document management and delivery technologies and is a member of the board of directors of NEPS, LLC. Additionally, she has been a featured speaker at past industry forums such as On Demand, XPLOR, AIIM, and the Financial Communications Forum. Miano also has authored numerous articles for industry publications including Print on Demand BusinessInsurance and Technology,National Underwriter, and 3X/400 Systems.
For more information about the recent Graph Expo event, visit http://www.graphexpo.com/.