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Rightsourcing Strategies for 2012 w/Denise Miano & Mary Hegarty

Denise Miano & Mary Hegarty will be Panelists for Rightsourcing Strategies for 2012, a Webinar presented by Xplor International. Attend this session and learn how a flexible “Rightsourcing” strategy can help you achieve your objectives quickly, while driving down costs and improving the customer experience.

We will review the key principles of “rightsourcing” Customer Communications Management programs, and also provide overviews of successful use cases of rightsourcing, including:

  • How a Variable Annuity provider slashed go-to-market time by more than 80% for a major product launch.
  • Using automated document testing technologies and the “cloud” to accelerate a complex migration from a legacy system.
  • Empowering business users to take control of content.
  • Transforming a print only application to archival and ePresentment in a matter of days.