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February 20, 2013 / Whitepapers

Considering Healthcare Label Design

By Robert Linsky

In light of the growing concern among healthcare professionals about medication dispensing and point of need errors, providers are employing new methods and technologies to reduce medication errors across the organization. Pharmacy labels are especially susceptible to being misread or misinterpreted, yet it is supremely important to minimize errors and improve efficiencies as med labels directly link to the patient.

This paper explores the best practices of information design and integrates them with current techonology including bar coding, stock selection and available print technologies to provide highly effective patient medication safety strategies.

Understanding the full process from design to finished label will lead to streamlining workflow and eliminating waste; increasing patient safety by selecting the right positive patient identification methods and tools and reducing medication errors through automated, highly legible and bar coded medication labels.

This White Paper, presented by NEPS, LLC, will explore how best practices in information design and label production workflow can result in effective pharmacy labels that are easily understood, saving time and money and reducing errors.

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