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Case Studies

April 5, 2013 / Case Studies

Automating Mutual Fund Fact Sheets

By Administrator

One of the industry’s oldest mutual fund companies, with more than $175 billion in assets under management, has plans to significantly grow its domestic retail sales operations and business during the next five years. An essential part of its strategy is to quickly and easily provide accurate financial information to clients and prospects through the web or print as required.

The company’s investors and registered representatives routinely need access to fact sheets for the mutual funds they are considering buying or recommending to clients. Previously, the company struggled to keep its black-and-white fact sheets up to date and readily accessible to investors and registered representatives alike. By implementing an innovative solution from NEPS, a leading provider of Customer Communications Management technologies and services, they are now providing full-color Fund Fact Sheets on 48 different funds through a streamlined process.

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