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June 27, 2014 / News


By Administrator

Because we believe that industry education/knowledge sharing is a fundamental key to successful customer communication management, NEPS is a strong supporter and regular participant in many initiatives sponsored by Xplor International, the Electronic Document Systems Association.


At the Xploration ’14 global conference, which was held in late March, 2014, Xplor published and distributed to attendees the Limited Edition of the Electronic Document Body of Knowledge (EDBOK). EDBOK covers all aspects of digital document workflow – from acquiring and working with data, through assessment, planning and process best practices, to distribution via print/finishing, email, web and mobile. EDBOK’s content was created and edited by many subject matter experts associated with Xplor, including both Denise Miano and Cheryl Kay of NEPS.

The official First Edition of EDBOK will be published by the end of September 2014 in conjunction with Graph Expo. The content has been expanded and will include a chapter on the important topic of effective Information Design written by Robert Linsky, Director of Information Design at NEPS.

Scott Baker also serves on the EDBOK steering committee. For more information about the EDBOK project, please visit www.edbok.org.