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March 7, 2016 / Blog

Membership Does Have Its Privileges (and creates opportunities) …

By Kyle Tavares

Xploration©15 was especially beneficial for both Kyle Tavares and NEPS.A little over three years ago Xplor International launched its very first Xplor University Chapter as part of Xplor Canada. The Ryerson University Chapter, in Toronto, has been very active during this time hosting a variety of events, social gatherings and even trips to the 2014 Graph Expo show in Chicago as well as Xploration 15 in Orlando.

That is where our story begins …
With the support of Xplor Canada and the personal initiative of the Ryerson University Chapter six students attended Xploration 15 in Orlando. The Ryerson students were enthusiastic attendees – participating in many of the sessions and visiting all of the vendor booths without hesitation. They projected a great deal of maturity, professionalism and knowledge of the industry.While visiting the NEPS booth I had the great pleasure of speaking with Kyle Tavares, an Xplor Ryerson member. He was very interested in the Information Design practice at NEPS and his questions were thoughtful and insightful! Knowing that Kyle was graduating within the next month, NEPS decided to find out about Kyle’s plans for a job.

Fast forwarding to mid-June of 2015, Kyle graduated and his conversation at the Xplor conference landed him a job as the Information Design consultant at NEPS! “We are very pleased to have him here in the states where he has become a quick contributor to our team.” says Denise Miano, president of NEPS, “He is a very talented resource and a has become a valued member of our team.”In my post-conference conversations with both Skip and Chad of Xplor, we have jointly discussed plans for integrating the student chapters even more in the upcoming Xploration 16 activities scheduled for April 5-7, 2017 in Orlando.

I asked Skip Henk, President and CEO of Xplor International to share his thoughts about the program: “As an association our mission is to provide employers the next generation of qualified and talented Digital Document Professionals. The Xplor University Chapter program will go a long way in accomplishing this. To students I would say, Xplor student membership not only has its privileges, but it creates opportunity.”I would like to thank Paul Abdool of Xplor Canada for starting Kyle’s career as the first student intern and for setting him up to be the first student hire.


Please join us in welcoming Kyle to the NEPS and Xplor family!