A Splash of Color: Leveraging color to save time & money while reducing errors in healthcare label printing

This paper has been created to provide a comprehensive overview of the advantages of implementing color label printing in a healthcare facility. It is intended for pharmacy and executive decision makers who may be considering moving to color label printing, or who simply wish to gain a better understanding of the technology and advantages.

It is safe to assume that by reading this white paper you have some interest in improving an existing or developing a new label printing system. While there are many ways to optimize the information on a monotone thermal label, the fact is monotone printing necessarily limits the design and formatting possibilities. Furthermore, optimal performance with thermal printers is achieved by using the limited set of resident fonts on the device. That is not to say that excellent results cannot be achieved with thermal output, but the added dimension of color creates additional possibilities for patient identification and safety to reduce medication administration errors. For example, the addition of color makes it possible to produce easily recognizable images of the patient on wristbands, clinical documentation and within the EMR system. From a design standpoint, color adds a dimension of clear communication that is not available from a monotone output a useful design can be developed.

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