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Xploration 15 Recap

Xploration '15

After a long, and snowy, winter in Salem NH, we started preparing for the Xplor Xploration 15 conference. The Xploration show was an active show for NEPS, we presented in multiple educational sessions, deployed our Trivia Pursuit application, participated in the vendor speed dating and most importantly, our President and Founder, Denise Miano, was presented with the Brian Platte lifetime achievement award.

HP Xplor Pre Conference

NEPS and HP Exstream jointly sponsored an exciting pre-Xplor interactive workshop on Monday, April 13th. We invited the Xplor community to take part in a communications “Improv” session that was focused on helping attendees improve their customer experience through the use of good information design practices. In keeping with the “improv” theme, we encouraged participants to share their personal experiences samples with good and bad communications and then used those experiences as the building blocks for this interactive session as we worked together to put a foundation into go-forward strategies for communications. We also shared some “before” and “after” samples of communications that were vastly improved by assuring they met the 3 pillars of the LUNA methodology – Locate, UNderstand, and Act.

Thanks to all who attended – it was a relaxed and fun session. And thanks to HP for the wonderful lunch at BJ’s Brewhouse in sunny Florida! We look forward to next year’s session.

Xplor Panel: The Great ECM Debate

NEPS hosted a panel entitled “The Great ECM Debate”, hosted by George Webb, NEPS CIO.

The panel engaged in a lively dialogue about the various perceptions of what the marketplace thinks ECM means and how that has evolved over time. On the panel were

  • Paul Rokos of Inlet — a joint venture between Broadridge and Pitney Bowes that provides the capability to allow an enterprise to communicate with customers in the way that THEY prefer.
  • Ram Bache of Prudential — Senior IT Architect and responsible for Prudential’s ECM initiatives
  • Joe Mislinski — former CIO at a major service bureau now part of RRD, and current VP at NEPS

The most interesting discussion centered on what ECM means to most client organizations and vendors. The origin of the term came from Content: Enterprise Content Management; it has since grown into Enterprise Communications Management. Most believe that ECM is now all about composition; however, the panelists concluded that it’s really about the entire ecosystem around creation and distribution of messaging to an enterprise’s constituents – internal and external. The panel concluded with a commitment to “do it again next year”.

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