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Software Engineer

The Software Engineer is responsible developing applications based on specifications utilizing the .NET framework and MS SQL Server. This position reports to the Chief Architect. Although travel is not the core function of this role, the candidate should be prepared to travel as needed, to assist with on-site installation and support of our customers.

Experience is preferred. Salary commensurate with experience.

– Minimum B.S. in Computer Science or other related discipline.
– 1-2 years of working experience in computer software development or related areas
– Programming experience in/familiarity with:

  • .NET framework
  • VB.net
  • ASP.net
  • C#.net nice to have
  • SQL Server 2000+ – creating complicated SQL statements with multiple joins and selects, stored procedures
  • .NET Services
  • .NET web services
  • XML serialize/de-serialize
  • SQL Reporting Services with ASP Pages – nice to have
  • Familiar with .net class objects

To apply for the position listed above, e-mail Michelle.Livingston@NEPS.COM, use our contact form,
or just give us a call at (603) 314-5600.