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September 4, 2013

Madison Advisors’ Cloud Impact on CCM Offerings Study

Madison Advisors' Cloud Impact on CCM Offerings Study

Madison Advisors has recently completed a study of cloud delivery strategies in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) marketplace. Madison Advisors assessed overall cloud delivery market trends, as well as the strategies, solutions and core capabilities for cloud-based delivery among eight participant companies in the CCM solutions delivery market.

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December 11, 2012

Winning at Dodgeball: Social Media-Style

by Dave Martina & Emily Martina
Originally published by Document Media

Managing a series of multimedia-based social network channels can be like playing dodgeball. Remember dodgeball, that rainy day exercise in physical fitness sadism, wherein two teams square off on two sides of the gymnasium and throw rubber playground balls at each other. For the last member of the losing team, the game becomes a nightmare of flying rubber until, eventually, the bombardment overwhelms the vanquished. Does this bring to mind your day-to-day management of your social media presence with an onslaught of tweets, blog posts, Facebook entries and YouTube comments? To succeed in dodgeball, the winning team needs to be able to catch all of the incoming balls and then return them effectively, meaning a targeted and expedited response. Sound familiar? It should because that’s also the key to a successful social media presence. Fortunately, there are tools out there to simplify the management of incoming information and your responses as well, and most can work from your smartphone. Let’s take a look at some of these tools and analyze how they can simplify, streamline and help you manage your social media presence across multiple platforms.
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February 24, 2012

It’s All in the Numbers: Translating the Dominate Mobile and Social Media Adoption to Your Marketing Budget

In the past year or two, I’ve focused a lot of my commentary on the incredible growth of smart phones and their seemingly unlimited potential as a source of new and emerging marketing channels. The trend towards mobile web access has not abated, and mobile devices, smart phones, pads and tablets, while not completely supplanting the desktop and laptop computer in popularity, have become equal contenders for valuable marketing dollars. Along with the increased access and speed on portable devices, as 4G networks become more and more available, the emergence of social media as a viable customer communications channel has matured in concept and execution and opened new pathways to B2B and B2C communications. While the technology behind this communications explosion has been continually refined and improved to meet the increasing demands of the online community, many organizations have not yet balanced their marketing budget to reflect these changes and may not be maximizing their marketing dollar investments as the ever-widening popularity of social media moves towards becoming the dominant marketing channel.
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January 4, 2012

Improving the Customer Experience with Information Design | Free Whitepaper Download

A Guide to Best Practices for 
Clear and Effective Communications

This whitepaper explains how companies can implement best practices that result in effective communications that are easily understood and acted on by their recipients, improving customer satisfaction and document flow efficiencies.

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December 15, 2011

2011 Revisited: Technology Changes & New Channels

Once again, the year seems to have barely gotten started, and now, it’s drawing to a close. We’ve covered a lot of ground and looked at social networking and marketing technology from a lot of different angles. Looking back, I think the recurring theme is that as technology changes, more marketing and sales channels and tools become available, and success is dependent on effectively managing and leveraging those tools.

This year began with a look at the explosive popularity of social networking and its remarkable impact and growth potential for the corporate entity creative enough and with the foresight to effectively tap into these emerging marketing channels.
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November 28, 2011

Tag: You’re It!

Last month, I put forth the values of QR codes as a marketing tool and as a real-world interface to your Internet presence through your customer, or potential customer’s, smart phone. After penning that, I found myself even more acutely aware of codes and, more so, their absence. I’ve actually become a bit obsessive about it, and my wife has completely lost her patience with my code-scanning disorder. I can’t help myself; I see a symbol and have to scan it. Despite the malady, I started noticing more and more of those Microsoft Tags showing up, and my Droid X wasn’t loaded with the app to read them.
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November 10, 2011

QR Code: A Channel in a Barcode

Though not yet ubiquitous, the odd-looking pattern of squares and dots that make up the Quick Response (QR) code are popping up in more places and on more media with each passing day. Most major advertisers have leveraged this two-dimensional barcode symbol to get a leg up on marketing and sales, but the availability of free, online QR code generators make reaching out to customers with QR technology available to virtually anyone. As always, taking advantage of new technology takes a bit of foresight and planning to most effectively implement it. QR codes are no exception.
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September 10, 2011

Considering Healthcare Label Design

In light of the growing concern among healthcare professionals about medication dispensing and point of need errors, providers are employing new methods and technologies to reduce medication errors across the organization. Pharmacy labels are especially susceptible to being misread or misinterpreted, yet it is supremely important to minimize errors and improve efficiencies as med labels directly link to the patient. This paper explores the best practices of information design and integrates them with current technology including bar coding, stock selection and available print technologies to provide highly effective patient medication safety strategies.

Understanding the full process from design to finished label will lead to streamlining workflow and eliminating waste; increasing patient safety by selecting the right positive patient identification methods and tools and reducing medication errors through automated, highly legible and bar coded medication labels.
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September 1, 2011

Channel Your Message: Leveraging the Social Networking Numbers

What do Facebook and the country of India have in common? I found the answer a bit surprising — population. That’s right, both India and Facebook are home to over 400 million residents. In fact, the number of registered social networking and online gaming accounts (over 10 billion) has exceeded the number of people on the planet. Those kinds of numbers should have your marketing instincts drooling like a hungry dog to get a social networking presence established for your institution, or if you already have a presence in place, those numbers should inspire you to be look for ways to leverage your presence for stickier and more numerous relationships with your web-based clientele. Read More

April 14, 2011

ePresentment – User Adoption vs. Document conversion

Which one is a higher priority for your company, increasing the percentage of your customers that opt out of print for electronic presentment, or making sure that all of their documents are readily available for secure, on-line access?

It’s not exactly a chicken and egg dilemma is it? Unless you’ve already created the infrastructure and implemented the processes for efficiently converting your print, image, and mail documents into the formats required for secure, on-line access, there’s no reason to start convincing your customers to sign-up for electronic presentment. Read More