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March 10, 2011

Creating a Delightful Customer Experience with Effective Customer Communications Management

When was the last time you had a “delightful customer experience”? Chances are good that a big part of your experience was created by a special “someone” who contributed that little something extra, without which, there wouldn’t have been a wonderful experience worth remembering. In today’s world of customer communications, the challenge is figuring out how to add that special “something” extra into the processes, designs, and technologies used to deliver relevant, impactful communications that delight the customer.

Fundamentally, the entire customer communications management process can be separated into two buckets. The technologies and the people. Or, said another way, the tools and the expertise; the bow and the archer, the kitchen and the cook, etc. Few of us would argue that Julia Child easily created delightful customer experiences using some basic tools any of us could also pick up at a local grocer…a chicken, some herbs, and butter (and more butter). It was Julia’s expertise that made her meals quite different than anything you or I could possibly create. Read More

March 7, 2011

Effective Policyholder Communication Requires Quality, Relevant Content

Every sector of the insurance industry is becoming more and more personal, which means the ability to effectively communicate with policyholders is vital to ensuring positive customer relationships. Companies that have made an effort to create a clear dialogue with customers have tripled customer response rates and documented a higher level of customer satisfaction that drives retention and loyalty.

There are many ways to communicate with policyholders and having these multiple channels to consider can present a host of challenges within an enterprise, both organizational and technical. However, whether it’s through printed documents, e-mail, online or social networking sites, a clear understanding of the central purpose of each communication and its intended audience are the first requirements for achieving success.
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February 11, 2011

Channel Your Message: Reputation Is Everything

Here we are in 2011, looking back on the first full decade of the new millennium and facing business and technology challenges that were science fiction when I started working for the family business in the early 1970s. Looking back, almost 40 years later, I recognize that my father’s obsession with customer satisfaction was driven by his intuitive understanding that “reputation is everything.” A Yellow Pages advertisement (in a giant, softbound directory made with real paper) was a necessity for people to find your business, but a strong, customer-focused reputation, passed along through word-of-mouth, the core concept of social networking, was and remains the key to success.

At one point, I took on a second job delivering pizza for a small parlor in the Chicago area. Charlie, the deeply-accented, swarthy owner and master baker, pulled me aside one day when business was slow. In his clipped, Italian accent, he said to me, “No matter what you put on someone’s pizza, if you no put it on enough or use the cheap stuff, or you get it to them cold because your delivery guy can no find their house, you gonna lose that customer and all their friends because people are gonna say to each another, ‘That Charlie, he make a lousy, cold pizza,’ and they no call anymore.”
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January 10, 2011

Customer Communications Management – Best-in-Show Awards

When you’re looking for ways to generate significant returns on your investments in customer communications initiatives, it’s hard to outperform the effective use of proven Information Design Methodologies.

Imagine saving more than $2.5 million dollars from a customer communications management project that requires no capital investment, no technology, and no programming changes. That’s exactly what a leading Financial Services provider saved when they asked our Information Design team, led by Robert Linsky, to review and improve several of their critical client facing documents.
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