Orchestrating Information for Relevant, Personalized Delivery

Consulting Services

At NEPS, we provide a full menu of Customer Communications Management Consulting Services. For more than two decades, we have been helping businesses design, develop and deliver multi channel communications by managing the complexity inherent in these processes.

Information Design

Make each customer touch point count

NEPS designs for financial services, insurance and healthcare industries are widely recognized as best in class with repeated awards for excellence.
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Document Composition Services

Deep Expertise and a breadth of knowledge

Our team of world class composition specialists has unrivalled experience in building documents using all the premier commerially available compostion software packages, including HP Exstream, EMC xPression, Thunderhead.com NOW, GMC Inspire and XMPie. With an unparalelled commitment to every detail, they produce results that meet all your business objectives.
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Document Strategy

Streamline your communications projects and processes

Over the years, NEPS has helped clients to dramatically streamline their document design and development projects by using a proven methodical approach to determining a sound and effective document strategy. We are well equipped to provide advice and guidance for the many technology and vendor relationship decisions that you must consider in a document-related project.
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Process Audit Services

NEPS has helped many institutions reduce hard dollar costs by evaluating current systems, collapsing redundant processes and systems, reducing the amount of paper that is generated with green initiatives and reducing the time spent on content creation, approval and deployment as well as greatly reducing the application maintenance time.