Orchestrating Information for Relevant, Personalized Delivery

NEPS Technologies

CMX — Content Manager Extreme
Nsite — Control Center

CMX — Content Manager Extreme

CMX supports content management of digital forms, images, complex publications, presentation, reports, records and statements – both across the enterprise or across the Web. It is easily integrated with a wide range of operating systems, printing platforms, document and forms creation packages, and networks, thus allowing quick integration time into a client’s system.

CMX also offers document personalization, automated approval tracking, check in/check out, online access and electronic delivery. This allows clients to maintain accurate, up-to-date information and provides easy access to formatted output, in a secure location.

CMX provides substantial cost and productivity advantages to corporate enterprises by virtually eliminating the cost of obsolete document and forms inventories, and reduces liabilities due to regulatory non-compliance.

  • Supports automated production management and Web-based submission of complex documents – driving specialized features without human intervention.
  • Allows print facilities to replace traditional production storage and distribution processes with the capability to economically produce specific quantities of documents.
  • Supports page exceptions, job pricing, job scheduling, performance monitoring, queue management, destination routing, and easy reprinting of stored jobs.
  • Includes a Store Manager that accommodates an electronic library, with flexible indexing to allow instant access to managed documents.

Nsite Control Center

NSite provides customers with visibility and management control for the entire workflow on the NEPS Integrated Communications Platform. NSite also supports a wide range of special handling features to provide greater control over document processing including; advanced search capabilities, custom views and an integrated testing suite. The control center also provides extensive job metrics and reporting, including items such as submission and completion date and time, number of sheets and images produced and full fidelity images of the jobs processed along with notifications of success or failure for all jobs processed on the platform…and much more.

Customers have the ability to Query detailed logs of statistical information. These logs contain metrics and completion status of the individual processing steps. These steps include any pre and post processing functions applied to the data streams before the actual output is sent to distribution.