Orchestrating Information for Relevant, Personalized Delivery

Our Platform

The NEPS Hosted Platform is a comprehensive platform that supports a wide range of document applications for large organizations, encompassing both outsourcing and content management requirements. Our cloud-based delivery option ensures access to the most current best-fit technology without excessive capital expenditures.

  • Deploy highly complex applications in less than half the time required by other solutions.
  • Choose individual components to satisfy current requirements, with the flexibility to add or subtract modules to support changing aspects of the document automation process.
  • Maintain control of your entire communications process with the Nsite Control Center, including the ability to better control the cost of manufacturing whether in-plant or through an outside print supplier, with full visibility from receipt to delivery.

NEPS Integrated Communications Platform

The core of our offering is a secure technology framework that provides the most flexible and efficient approach to meeting document requirements for business communications. By combining a configurable Software-as-a-Service environment with our document management expertise, our customers receive the benefits of a best-in-class production environment while maintaining strategic control of critical production processes and content.

The NEPS Integrated Communications Platform provides access to a broad array of proprietary and partner technology in a secure hosted environment. This ensures that each customer application is implemented using the most appropriate tool for the job, rather than the “one size fits all” approach offered by many other suppliers. Our solution is scalable, and designed to support production volumes as volumes increase or decline, ensuring that costs are in alignment with business volumes.