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Even the best continuity plans can be challenged by planned or unplanned downtime. That’s why it is critical to make contingency plans for patient admissions. NEPS Downtime Registration allows you to continue accurately processing patients for admissions during outages with a simple and intuitive interface. Working seamless with the Zebra® HC100™ wristband printer, the NEPS Downtime Registration solution provides a turnkey Downtime Registration solution.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Multiple checkpoints to ensure accuracy
  • Designed to work exclusively with Zebra’s HC100 wristband printer
  • Supports up to four HC100 printers per workstation

The Downtime Registration solution provides everything you need to create a patient wristband including patient demographics and bar-codes, ensuring a safe, accurate and secure admitting process even during outages.

With over 15 years serving the healthcare industry, NEPS has the experience and knowledge to resolve your system downtime challenges.

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