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CS Week 39 Recap

CS Week 39

NEPS attended CSWeek 2015, the premier annual conference event for the utility industry in North America. Over 1,600 attendees included managers and executives at investor owned utilities, cooperatives, municipalities and government entities. Over 60 workshops were well attended, and Inlet Digital, a NEPS technology partner, exhibited.

The “CS” in CS Week stands for Customer Service; a significant amount of the conference focused on how to better service the consumer. This is where NEPS comes in – the one document that the consumer is sure to open and read each month is the utility bill. In multiple one-on-one sessions, NEPS demonstrated how, by using NEPS redesign methodologies, a utility can significantly improve customer satisfaction, reduce call center activity, and increase revenue through the use of ‘white space’ on the bill. Utlities can also ‘replatform’ from archaic tools and processes to a 21st century secure hosted platform, giving them the ability to communicate with the consumer in the manner in which they desire. The NEPS platform also provides utility staff with command, control and visibility of the flow of data and consumer messaging – allowing non-IT staff to manage production and content.