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Robert Linsky at PLAIN 2015

Robert Linsky, director of information design at NEPS, will be giving two presentations at the upcoming PLAIN conference in Dublin, Ireland, September 17-20, 2015. Robert is a board member of PLAIN (the Plain Language Association International) and co-chairs the PLAIN2015 conference.


Goldfish, Clear Communications and LUNAtics? is the title of the presentation about clear communications using the LUNATM (Locate/UNderstand/ActTM) methodology developed by Robert Linsky.

What do goldfish have to do with clear communications?
LUNA is the methodology for designing information to ensure clear communications. Using examples, Robert will demonstrate how Locate/Understand/Act is an effective process to create clear communications. LUNA incorporates the best practices and principles information design, plain language, typography, graphic design, analysis, psychology, stakeholders and usability testing. Learn why communications fail if they do not meet ALL three requirements of LUNA and why he is a LUNAtic!

Getting the right people around the right table: ensuring success in a clear communications project is the title of the presentation organizing a clear communications project given by Robert Linsky and Karel van der Waarde.

One of the major activities of any clear communications project is to contact and involve all relevant stakeholders. This requires support from senior management, the cooperation of different departments (all those that touch the document), and direct contacts with people (both internal and external) who are likely to use the finished documents. In practice, this activity always requires more effort then expected, because the list of stakeholders can only be formed at the start of a project. To make matters even more complex, any project will modify and adjust the frames and assumptions of several stakeholders. Dealing with this requires specific knowledge and skills.

To learn more about the PLAIN 2015 Conference, you can visit the website at plain2015.ie