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Compliance. Control. Customer Management.

Maintaining compliance with regulations, controlling the flow of product, and managing patient and customer needs are key challenges to the cannabis dispensary entrepreneur. NEPS’ GreenSun cannabis labeling solutions can help track the flow of product through your business processes, ensuring that your customers and patients receive the right product for their needs, while maintaining full compliance with industry regulations.

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Ensure Government Compliance

Government reporting can be fully automated or produced on demand. GreenSun simplifies and enables compliance for any state-required reporting.

Complete Control

Control the flow of materials, plants and data throughout your operation. Using barcode and RFID technology, GreenSun simplifies product tracking through the grow room, the lab and to the sales floor. Streamline your operations and reduce your operational expense.

Customer Management

Develop and print attractive, functional and unique label designs for product, shelf talkers and accessories. Additionally, NEPS can provide Smart ID Cards that make it simple to identify, track, and reward each of your patients and customers.

We streamline your business processes and operations with our award winning information design practices and extensive technical expertise.
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  • Product Labels

    Printing, branding, information design

  • Compliance Labels

    Regulatory, medicinal, cautionary

  • Customer & Employee ID

    Barcoded & RFID-enabled badges & cards

  • Compliance Documents

    Audits, reporting, shipping

  • Shelf Talkers & Signage

    Directional, informational, branding, pricing

  • Back Office Documents

    MICR checks, purchase orders, invoices, statements, etc.

Cannabis Labeling


Single Label

Eliminate auxiliary labels by using dynamic variable color and draw attention to warnings & key information.

Barcode & RFID-ready

Used to store patient/customer information or linked to informational web pages.

Customized Labeling on-demand

Using our LUNA philosophy we can create the most unique, attractive and accessible labels.

Goverment Compliance

Providing the tools to ensure that your content is current, correct, and complete.

Eliminate Stock Wastage

By using barcodes, RFID technology & other boundary control methods.


Crisp, vibrant colors that won’t fade, run or smudge.