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Xploration 17 – NEPS is a Platinum Sponsor

Once again, NEPS is a proud Platinum Sponsor of this year’s Xploration 17 event, to be held March 28-30 at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, FL. Xploration 17 features more than 55 educational sessions on many aspects of customer communications. In addition to sponsoring this year’s opening reception, NEPS will be speaking on a variety of subjects, and will be exhibiting throughout the show.

The NEPS team will be presenting in many educational sessions throughout the event. Mary Hegarty General Manager, will be speaking on Information Redesign. George Webb, Chief Technology Officer, will be hosting Data Security Jeopardy. Eric Baumgartner, Chief Sales Officer, will be presenting an overview of NEPS during a Solution Snapshot.

NEPS will be holding a raffle for visitors to our booth. The prize is a new Drone! This is symbolic of our theme this year, of breaking through the glass ceiling with NSite, our award winning CCM Technology Platform!

Our specific events at this year’s Xploration 17 are below:

Tuesday March 28th

10:21 AM – Solution Snapshot by NEPS (Curacao 4)
w/ Eric Baumgartner

1:30 PM – Information Redesign: The Gateway to the Customer Experience (Curacao 4)
w/ Mary Hegarty, Mark DeCollibus

5:30 PM – Xploration 17 Opening Ceremony hosted by NEPS

Wednesday March 29th

8:30 AM – Data Security Jeopardy
w/ George Webb


Because we believe that industry education/knowledge sharing is a fundamental key to successful customer communication management, NEPS is a strong supporter and regular participant in many initiatives sponsored by Xplor International, the Electronic Document Systems Association.

Xplor International's EDBOK

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Madison Advisors’ Cloud Impact on CCM Offerings Study

Madison Advisors' Cloud Impact on CCM Offerings Study

Madison Advisors has recently completed a study of cloud delivery strategies in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) marketplace. Madison Advisors assessed overall cloud delivery market trends, as well as the strategies, solutions and core capabilities for cloud-based delivery among eight participant companies in the CCM solutions delivery market.

Click here to download the report.

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Winning at Dodgeball: Social Media-Style

by Dave Martina & Emily Martina
Originally published by Document Media

Managing a series of multimedia-based social network channels can be like playing dodgeball. Remember dodgeball, that rainy day exercise in physical fitness sadism, wherein two teams square off on two sides of the gymnasium and throw rubber playground balls at each other. For the last member of the losing team, the game becomes a nightmare of flying rubber until, eventually, the bombardment overwhelms the vanquished. Does this bring to mind your day-to-day management of your social media presence with an onslaught of tweets, blog posts, Facebook entries and YouTube comments? To succeed in dodgeball, the winning team needs to be able to catch all of the incoming balls and then return them effectively, meaning a targeted and expedited response. Sound familiar? It should because that’s also the key to a successful social media presence. Fortunately, there are tools out there to simplify the management of incoming information and your responses as well, and most can work from your smartphone. Let’s take a look at some of these tools and analyze how they can simplify, streamline and help you manage your social media presence across multiple platforms.
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NAHAM – 38th Annual Educational Conference and Expo

Join NEPS at the NAHAM Conference (Booth 216) May 8-11, 2012 in San Diego, CA to learn how our Health e-Connect solutions help improve patient safety and enhance patient access services. NAHAM’s annual conference is the premier educational event in patient access services, providing the latest information on a variety of topics critical to the important role of patient access services in healthcare. Read More…

Solimar Systems Conference

We’re looking forward to spending time with our technology partners Solimar Systems at their upcoming conference on April 24-26 in San Diego, CA. Along with other Solimar users, we’ll be learning how to more effectively leverage the power of Solimar’s technologies while sharing best practices, tips and techniques related to e-presentment, archival, security, compliance and more.
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Xplor International Conference & Vendor Forum

It is coming up quick, March 27 – 29th in St. Pete’s Beach. This year’s theme, “Making it Relevant”, features content on relevant thought, design, execution and results. Also added was a track specifically for executives and a track that is guaranteed to “disrupt your world and focus on change.” As always, Industry experts will share best practices, case studies and solutions that will provide you with the information to stand out.

It’s a great place to increase your knowledge, interact in a small group setting, exchange ideas, share your experience, find solutions, expand your network and walk away with actionable ideas. We hope we get to see you there. By the way, as one of this year’s sponsors, NEPS is providing you with a very cool beach bag, a little something to protect you against the bright Florida sun and a chance for “Lunch on Us”.

Rightsourcing Strategies for 2012 w/Denise Miano & Mary Hegarty

Denise Miano & Mary Hegarty will be Panelists for Rightsourcing Strategies for 2012, a Webinar presented by Xplor International. Attend this session and learn how a flexible “Rightsourcing” strategy can help you achieve your objectives quickly, while driving down costs and improving the customer experience.
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It’s All in the Numbers: Translating the Dominate Mobile and Social Media Adoption to Your Marketing Budget

In the past year or two, I’ve focused a lot of my commentary on the incredible growth of smart phones and their seemingly unlimited potential as a source of new and emerging marketing channels. The trend towards mobile web access has not abated, and mobile devices, smart phones, pads and tablets, while not completely supplanting the desktop and laptop computer in popularity, have become equal contenders for valuable marketing dollars. Along with the increased access and speed on portable devices, as 4G networks become more and more available, the emergence of social media as a viable customer communications channel has matured in concept and execution and opened new pathways to B2B and B2C communications. While the technology behind this communications explosion has been continually refined and improved to meet the increasing demands of the online community, many organizations have not yet balanced their marketing budget to reflect these changes and may not be maximizing their marketing dollar investments as the ever-widening popularity of social media moves towards becoming the dominant marketing channel.
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