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Xplor International Breakthrough ’13

Xplor programming is presented by subject matter experts from the end user and vendor community as well as industry analysts and consultants who provide leading edge content encompassing the latest trends, best practices and technologies.
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When is it time for a document redesign?

If you have been putting “band aids” on your documents for the past several years by tweaking them with minor changes as the need arose, then you should probably consider looking at them holistically to identify what is redundant or obsolete, and which documents can be updated, eliminated, rationalized. or made part of a relevant communication strategy. Unless you have done some major document redesign in the past five years, the following key indicators will show you that now is the time to do so. Read More…

Don’t Forget your Data!

So you are sitting at your desk thinking about the 2013 projects you have on your plate. January is over, you’ve cleaned up all your year-end tasks and you are ready to dive in. STOP.

Think before you dive. Is your data in order? If you are like most businesses today, one of your biggest challenges is managing data.
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Regulations, Regulations, and more Regulations

The insurance vertical market is one of NEPS’ primary focuses because insurance companies are so dependent on variable document composition to create their regulatory documents.

All business is subject to some government regulation. But a business affected with a public interest means that it is forced to operate in a more restrictive environment.
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Meet the Team

Meredith Ouellette: Purchasing Manager / AP & AR Clerk
Meredith, fondly referred to around the office as Merri, has been a part of the NEPS team for sixteen and a half years. She is known for her dedicated and hardworking attitude and her great sense of humor. Merri’s responsibilities include all of the software and hardware purchasing for NEPS and all of our customers, creating all of our billing invoices, making our collection calls, maintaining all sales spreadsheets, and other accounting tasks.

It is no secret that Merri is a HUGE sports fan! The Patriots and the Red Sox are her two favorite teams. She is an avid reader, and loves to spend time with her twelve-and-a-half-year-old cat, Gibby, who she describes as “massively anti- social” except with her! When she gets the chance she loves to visit her “happy place” and relax in Wells Beach, Maine.