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Top Ten Benefits of Redesigning Your Documents

by Cheryl Kay, Robert Linsky, and Emily Martina

Doucments are the lifeblood of any organization, always there, always working, but often neglected and taken for granted. Poorly designed documents can cost productivity, money, and customers. See how good information design can make gains on all of these fronts. Read More

Upcoming Events [VLOG]

NEPS Chief Executive Officer, Brad Caudell speaks about some of the upcoming industry events that NEPS will be attending and sponsoring. These include Xplor Breakthrough 2013, and the DOCUMENT Strategy Forum. Read More

Improving Patient Safety with Patient Wristbands

Check out the latest video on improving patient safety with variable color patient wristbands. Watch the video now!

Form Design Considerations

The questions here can help you compile a list of information that needs to be generated to effectively create a form, whether in house or outsourced. Read More

HP Interviews Robert Linsky of NEPS

Whether you are designing customer communications for print or electronic channels, the end goal is the same: you want them to be read and understood.

So, what makes a statement, invoice or letter easier to understand than others?
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What IT resources do you have available?

Every business or organization must provide technical support in some form or fashion. In a small company, technical support may consist of a single individual who manages networking, communications and desktop services. Larger organizations typically provide a group of IT resources that may be either contracted or permanent employees. Read More

NEPS Software Sunset Program

Robert Wickham is interviewed about NEPS’ Software Sunset Program including details, dates, and additional information.
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Tis the Season – for RFP’s

I have gone full circle in the world of RFPs. I started my relationship with them from a consulting standpoint. I helped customers write RFPs, compile a list of responders and evaluate the responses. Even though most would find RFPs to be a dry subject, I liked the process. Read More

Industry Insight: Information Legislature

The new Pharmacovigilance Directive requires the European Commission (EC) to produce a report on the shortcomings of product information and to bring forward proposals for legislative change.
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Meet the Team: Eugene Gruber

Eugene Gruber, Integration Technologies Manager
Gene has been a part of the NEPS team since November of 2004, though many of our customers have known him since 2002, when he worked as a full time consultant for the Wallace Platforms team. Like many of us at NEPS Gene wears many hats, doing whatever is necessary at any given time to best serve the company and our customers. He demonstrates dedication and devotion, and is an invaluable resource to our clients and the NEPS team. Gene is constantly working to improve our products and to make our proprietary tools and utilities perform the unique tasks that our customers require while making them easier to use and support.

When he is not in the office Gene enjoys spending time with his wife and son either watching favorite TV series or movies together or playing cooperative multi-player computer games. He also plays guitar, enjoys solving logic problems, and holds lifetime certification as an Eagle Scout.