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As this month of Thanksgiving unfolds, our hearts go out to all of the victims of Hurricane Sandy. While many of our employees experienced storm-related difficulties these past few days with downed trees and power outages, we are thankful and fortunate that all of our employees and their families were unharmed. We are also very proud of, and thankful for, the amazing efforts made by our team members to ensure that none of our customers experienced any disruption of service as a result of the storm.

NEPS will also be making a charitable contribution to support the victims of Hurricane Sandy and we encourage other members of our community to do the same!

Who Owns the Document?

I have been hearing this question for over 25 years. It started during post-merger time in a large financial institution and my department was tasked with finding the “owners” of each document from the two former entities. We were trying to eliminate redundancy so we asked each “owner” to make the ultimate call – toss or keep. The result was that we kept a lot we should have tossed and tossed a lot we should have kept.
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The NEPS Downtime Suite: Maintaining continuity during Sandy

For many of our customers on the east coast Hurricane Sandy was a super storm that happens once in a generation. Many of our healthcare customers are geographically centered in the heart of Sandy’s path. For those of our customers that had our Downtime Suite, Sandy had almost no impact on their operations. Our downtime customers still had the ability to admit patients, print wristbands, manage patient charts and fulfill pharmacy orders, with 100% system availability and no loss of data. Our downtime suite ensures that the barcode technologies we provide to ensure patient safety are never compromised, even during a hurricane.

In addition, we implemented our contingency plans to ensure there was no disruption to our 24/7 Service Level Agreements, and for those who had to take advantage of this service during the height of the storm, they knew they were in good hands, and it was business as usual.

NEPS Cloud vs. Sandy — Cloud Wins!

For many of our customers on the east coast Hurricane Sandy was a big time event, a super storm that happens once in a generation. Thankfully for our Customer Communications Management (CCM) customers it was a non-event! Our customers had 100% system availability and no loss of data. We communicated our contingency plans to our customers’ as Sandy made its way up the east coast and we were fully prepared to ensure that our customers CCM systems were in good hands. For our customers we are happy to say, it was business as usual and there was one less thing they needed to worry about.

Am I a User? A Customer? A Client? Are you?

Yes, we are all that and more. It doesn’t matter what we are called – users, customers, consumers, clients or readers – the end goal is the same when designing any document, form or label. All users must be considered. If you take a document and retreat back into your cube and create a design masterpiece, it probably will fail in its most important test – does it work for everyone that touches it?
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Selecting the Right Printer — Part 2: What kind of labels do I need to print?

For this second installment of our label and printer technology series we want to look at the task of identifying the right label stock for your needs. The challenge can be rather intimidating for two reasons:

1. The uninitiated purchaser is confronted with an almost limitless selection of label stocks and formats.

2. An overwhelming number of decisions about what information belongs on the label and where it should go.

This primer should help you better understand the requirements and considerations that should go into a new label design. Furthermore, it will help us provide better services and do a more effective job of matching the label stock to your needs.

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Going Green with Net30

More and more companies are getting on board with green initiatives that help the environment but also provide added benefits to the companies that implement them including reduced operating costs, improved public relations and better employee work conditions. As with most corporate initiatives, technology plays an important role. Read More

Social Media and the IRS

Because of NEPS’ commitment to provide annual tax form processing services to our customers, we feel it is important that our customers keep abreast of the latest IRS information to avoid delays during the end-of-season processing crunch. One of the issues that American taxpayers, corporate and private alike, have had to face in the past is the vast collection of information, rules, laws and directions distributed by the IRS. Finding these documents used to be a time-consuming and painful process, but the IRS has made significant progress in terms of disseminating this information by leveraging the tools and channels made available through social media channels and multimedia presentment. They have even taken the step of producing a smartphone app that, according to the IRS, allows users to get refund status, tax updates and keep up with the latest changes to tax laws.
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Document Strategy Forum Cancellation

Document Strategy Forum Cancellation – We were very much looking forward to reconnecting with our friends and colleagues at the Document Strategy Forum earlier this week in Greenwich, CT. However, the event was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. We look forward to seeing everyone next year.

Meet the Team

Luanne Buckley-Coburn, Document Specialist

Luanne joined the NEPS team in 1997. As our Document Specialist, she is involved in the design, testing, and support of our many offerings, and she provides invaluable design support to our EPS team. At NEPS, we all wear many “hats,” and Luanne is one of those nimble people who can switch hats at a moment’s notice and is always there to dig in to help!

Luanne is known for her caring personality, so it is no surprise that when she is not at work she loves to spend time with her family, and her collie, “Teddy.” She especially loves spending time with her grandson, for whom she often babysits on the weekends. Luanne has many other interests like playing computer games, going to concerts, getting scared every now and then at a horror movie, and taking long rides up to the Great North Woods of northern New Hampshire in the fall to go “leaf-peeping.”

A Splash of Color: Leveraging color to save time & money while reducing errors in healthcare label printing

This paper has been created to provide a comprehensive overview of the advantages of implementing color label printing in a healthcare facility. It is intended for pharmacy and executive decision makers who may be considering moving to color label printing, or who simply wish to gain a better understanding of the technology and advantages.
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