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NEPS Notifier

Welcome to the first edition of the NEPS NOTIFIER, full of content designed to help you enhance customer communications, improve customer satisfaction, and fuel business growth. With 24+ years of industry expertise, we look forward to sharing proven tools, valuable insights and innovative strategies to help you achieve your business objectives.

We hope you enjoy NEPS NOTIFIER, and welcome your comments on how we can make this a more useful tool. —Brad Caudell, CEO and Denise Miano, President & CTO

HP Exstream User Group Conference

Just got back from attending the HP Exstream Americas User Conference in Nashville. The conference included a jam-packed 3 ½ day schedule of General Sessions, educational programs and customer solutions presentations. NEPS attended as both a long time customer and partner / sponsor.
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Integrating Your Social Media

The benefits of using social media for business are undeniable. In fact, Social Media Ad Spending alone is projected to reach $9.8 Billion by 2016, a grow rate of 20%+ annually. But Ad Spending is only part of the equation as most companies will rely heavily on all of their content and messaging that’s delivered through non-paid formats. That makes it essential for companies to ensure their messages are delivered effectively using social networking platforms.

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Selecting the Right Label Printer — a Checklist

You’ll find a lot more printers at a NEPS office than you’ll find in most businesses. That is because one of our core strengths is optimizing printer output with our software and services. Out of necessity, we are well-versed in printer technology and how those printers are used (and sometimes abused) in the various industries we serve.

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XMPie User Group Conference — Lessons Learned

At this year’s XMPie User Group Conference in Boston, MA, many enhancements and innovations were on display. The three tracks – Business/Marketing, Design, and Technical – featured topics ranging from enhanced email performance to using XMPie in a financial driven world. Among all the latest and greatest product updates presented, their latest cloud application — XMPie Circle – got the most attention. Circle gives users a new level of control and visibility to every member involved in a cross-media marketing project.
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Meet the Team

Marilyn Santarelli, VP Customer Support
Originally from the West Coast, Marilyn joined the NEPS team in 1997. After years of witnessing countless examples of her exceptional dedication to our customers, we got smart and made her the head of our Customer Support and QA teams. As our customers can attest, her attention to detail, driven attitude and detective-like skills ensure that we are all well taken care of! We are sure that you all agree.

When Marilyn isn’t working, she loves to ski and care for animals. She has a Quaker parrot named Yoshi, a Ragdoll cat named Simba, and a Brittany Spaniel named Copper. We affectionately refer to her as “Dr. Madge DoLittle.”