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The NEPS Downtime solutions are designed to continue critical patient care during both short term and extended catastrophic outages. Virtually any documents, such as wristbands, chart labels, consent & insurance forms, MARs, cartfill, medication, IV and blood labeling, as well as reprints of all current and active patient care documents, are made available through simple intuitive interfaces located on workstations in every area of the facility.

Downtime Registration

Downtime Registration is a self-contained, workstation-based, downtime wristband solution. Everything needed to create a patient wristband with variable demographic data and user-configurable bar code symbols is included. Patient data is entered into an intuitive GUI interface and printed to a locally-attached printer.

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After the downtime is over and connection to the HIS system is restored, data that was captured during the downtime can be easily exported back to the host HIS system with a few simple clicks of the mouse, thereby eliminating duplicate data entry. Downtime Registration allows users to produce the same looking wristbands, complete with bar codes, as during normal operations.