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Forms Anywhere

Dynamic Documents at your fingertips.
Be ready for your valued patients BEFORE they arrive!

Forms Anywhere – part of the Health e-Connect family – provides Web-portal access and management of patient forms. It provided the caregiver with secure online access to requested patient information from any workstation throughout the institution.

From the Forms Anywhere portal, users can search, pre-fill, and print any form. Access can be integrated directly into an institutions existing infrastructure for single logon simplicity. The solution interfaces with the central HIT system – eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

The unique scheduling feature provides the ability to assign a particular group of forms, in advance, which will arrive at a designated printer, on time, pre-filled, and ready to use. This is especially useful and time saving for outpatient environments where procedure scheduling is done well in advance.

Additionally, Forms Anywhere integrates without NEPS’ tools supporting patient admissions, invoicing, document routing, and long term for forms archiving. Forms Anywhere and NEPS can provide your healthcare institution with a complete document management environment supporting the automation of patient records management.