Orchestrating Information for Relevant, Personalized Delivery


Seamlessly integrate your HIS data into the desired label format that includes bar-codes, automated color alerts, notifications, and more. You can create yoru own custom label designers, or rely on our professional services team for turn-key solutions and ongoing support. Our labeling solutions support laser, thermal, and ink-jet printers for specialty applications throughout your facility.

Medical Laboratory Labeling Solutions

Blood products, specimen identification and general labels for test tubes, vials and syringes all require accurate and legible text and reliable, machine-readable barcodes, all while being resistant to a wide variety of contaminants, staining agents and solvents. Some applications require the labels to remain stable with environment variables ranging from cryogenic storage to high temperature sterilization.

NEPS Laboratory Labeling solutions combine the right stock, the right printer and the right software to ensure the integrity of your labels and the accuracy of your data. From the initial consultation until your fully-functional and thoroughly-tested system is live, our highly-trained staff of project managers, developers and implementers guide you through the process and ensure a successful implementation.

Call NEPS today to find out more about how you can deploy your own NEPS Laboratory Labeling solution in your own Lab.