Auxiliary labels creating a sticky situation in your pharmacy?

get rid of them!

With dynamic color printing systems

Eye catching alerts & warnings

Integrated barcodes for 5 Rights of Med Administration

Special handling without auxiliary labels

RCRA waste codes

Colorfast, smudge proof image

You know the story with auxiliary labels…

You have to keep enough on hand and make sure you don’t run out. You have to apply them by hand. You have to make sure you apply the right ones for the right drugs. Your purchasing department has to source them somewhere.

Not anymore.

With variable color printing from NEPS, all of the special alerts that used to be handled by auxiliary labels can be printed directly in-line on the primary med or IV label. Such alerts can include:

  • STAT
  • Refrigeration
  • Insulin / Heparin
  • Infant / Adult dosage
  • Route information
  • Hazardous material handling
Our systems support ISMP standards, enable RCRA disposal codes, include user-maintainable Tall Man lettering and will seamlessly integrate with your HIS/Pharmacy system.

Create your own custom label design or rely on our design specialists for labels that that reduce errors, lower costs and clearly communicate.

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