The Bob & Dave Show – Barcode Series

The Bob & Dave Show presents this special series on barcodes, highlighting how linear, 2D and QR codes work and how they’re applied to today’s data influenced world. Don’t forget to download your free copy of NEPS’ latest e-Book, ‘Understanding Barcodes’.


Thanksgiving Special: Hunting for the QR Turkey

This time the boys are out hunting for Thanksgiving dinner when they come upon a QR Code Turkey. Dinner is served along with a helping of information about QR code technology.


Halloween Edition: Understanding 2D Barcodes

Bob and Dave provide a Halloween-flavored presentation explaining 2D bar codes, particularly the Data Matrix symbology.


Bob & the Bar Code Bass

In this episode of the Bob and Dave Show, Bob reels in a Bar Code Bass, and Dave explains how a UPC (A) bar code works, and why these fish / UPC (A) bar codes are so unique.


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Understanding Barcodes

The Bob & Dave Show e-Book gathers all of the great information presented during the Bob and Dave Show Bar Code series, including screen grabs, slides and more. Download your free copy today!