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June 21, 2010 / News

NEPS and R3D2 Partner to Provide Optimized Document Production Workflows

By Christina Miano

NEPS, experts in communication management solutions, and R3D2 Consulting, leaders in business process optimization consulting, have entered into a partnership agreement that will leverage the combined strengths of both companies for clients who seek a means to improve business communication processes and increase profits by streamlining their end-to-end document production workflows.

“Bringing the two companies together allows access to processes and expertise across the continuum,” said Denise Miano, President and CTO of NEPS. “We reorganize the road for each other.”

Where R3D2 specializes in optimizing business production processes, NEPS brings the expertise that feeds those processes with technology solutions. “Improvements to the print shop floor processes are limited to the improvements available in the systems feeding it. NEPS works with that front end, but, historically, the customer has failed to realize it because the backend culture wasn’t there yet,” explained Richard Losch, Partner and Founder of R3D2. NEPS will manage that knowledge gap for the partnership, helping clients to understand and implement the technology to drive their processes.

Both companies have experience working with the financial sector, having served insurance, finance and large investment firms. Other vertical markets that will benefit from the new partnership are Publishing and Business Communications, Manufacturing and companies with direct marketing channels. NEPS and R3D2 both operate with a focus toward helping clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their core processes by building custom solutions, as well as managing the projects in a seamless manner.

The market overlap works hand-in-hand with the complementary services and expertise each partner company brings to the relationship. “R3D2 is focused on the shop floor and the functional side, and less focused on the data and systems technology of document streamlining,” said Richard Losch. “We are more focused on Account Mgmt, Customer Service, Finishing, Fulfillment and analyzing and improving processes around the production floor.”

Also driving the symbiosis of the relationship is the long standing personal and professional relationships of the organizations’ leadership teams. After many years of working together on the individual level, the principals have developed literacy and a working knowledge of the other’s area of expertise.

The partnership’s going forward strategy is to identify prospects that have a need to optimize their back-end shop floor processes and that will benefit from integrating the production flow with information management technology. Clients who take advantage of the NEPS/R3D2 brain trust will experience the advantage of accelerated adoption of new technology.

NEPS, LLC is an expert provider of communications management solutions, services and strategy. We help businesses to design, develop and deliver multi-channel communications that are simple, personal, clear and effective. In short, we create simplicity for our clients by managing the complexity inherent in communications processes.

Combining our proprietary and partner technologies with communications strategy, information design, technical and vertical industry expertise allows NEPS to help our clients to improve communications in a measurable way. Our services, solutions and employees are all flexible and easy to work with. Learn more by visiting www.NEPS.com or calling (866) 636-NEPS.

About R3D2 Consulting
R3D2 is a consulting firm specializing in process improvement, shop floor optimization and organizational transformation. We assist companies from a broad array of industries who have one thing in common – they need results.

Using a proven process which eliminates barriers, produces organizational enhancements and implements strategic initiatives, R3D2 delivers sustainable improvement for companies who want to ensure continued success and margins during challenging economic times or those who wish to improve margins and create sustainable results. For more information email: info@r3d2consulting.com or visit http://r3d2consulting.com