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    Clear™ Communications Practice

    Create a better CX by simplifying your message

    The effectiveness of any communication hinges on clarity:

    • Message sequence and placement 
    • Plain language and simplicity 
    • Size and style of fonts 
    • Identifiable calls to action 

    Clear™ is a professional service from Neps that evaluates every element of your communications and results in an actionable strategy for improvement. Your new content library will create more positive customer experiences and maximize your ROI with every letter, statement, email, or text delivered.


    How Clear™ Communications Can Help

    Few companies are equipped to critique their own communications. Internal IT teams focus on data accuracy, not message clarity. Graphic designers focus on visual aesthetics, not communication effectiveness.

    The Clear™ team goes beyond just graphic design and instead analyzes the information being communicated, how it is presented on the page, and the language used. Through the Clear™ process, you will receive a complete documentation of all the content elements being utilized in your communications. Our team of experts will supply all the training and tools you’ll need for success.

    The goal of Clear™ Communications is to ensure that each communication is created with:

    • Clarity in message 
    • Plain language 
    • Effective design 
    • Accessibility for all 

    The results speak for themselves.

    Communications designed by our Clear™ team have received more than 100 DALBAR awards in recognition of their clarity, usability, and effectiveness.

    Benefits of Clear™ Communications


    Improved Experience

    Easier to understand communications generate less customer confusion.


    Higher Retention

    A better-informed customer base reduces demand for customer service.


    Greater Efficiency

    Deploy new communications faster using optimized data-driven templates.


    Targeted Personalization

    Tie your chosen data source to the template using precise display rules.


    Brand Consistency

    Align all types and variations of communications with a unified design strategy. 

    How Clear™ Works

    The Clear™ Communications Practice is based on Neps' proven and proprietary philosophy.



    Customers should be able to locate important information quickly and easily.



    Then, customers should be able to clearly understand the information presented.



    Finally, customers should be able to act on the information located and understood.

    Clear™ Optimize

    Reduce costs and time associated with managing redundant versions of communications.

    Neps’ latest advancement in content rationalization services:

    AI-Driven Technology
    Analyze document library for inefficiencies and identify where content can be consolidated.

    Streamlined Templates 
    Use a single common template with variable fields to produce output more efficiently.

    Global Changes 
    Changes made to shared content apply consistently to all associated documents.

    Integrated Approach 
    Apply the overall Clear™ strategy to improve user experience and document management.

    Where to Start

    Neps makes it easy to be Clear™. It’s flexible, scalable, and can be applied to any customer communication that uses variable data:

    • Bills, statements, and invoices
    • Explanations of benefits
    • Forms, applications, and letters
    • Policies and welcome kits

    See for yourself how the Clear™ Communications Practice makes business communications more effective.