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    Clear™ Optimize

    A full-service consultative approach to content rationalization services

    Refine Documents into a More Manageable Content Library:

    Over time, your business accrues thousands of different documents that cost you time and money to manage. Content rationalization through our Clear™ Optimize service makes it simple to cut down the unnecessary duplications that have piled up along the way: 

    • • Identify redundancies across all versions of documents 
    • • Consolidate related documents into a common template 
    • • Customize different outputs using variable data fields 
    • • Apply global changes for more consistent updates and edits

    Clear™ Optimize pairs powerful, AI-driven technology with the expertise of the Neps team to deliver a newly optimized content library customized to your needs.

    How Clear™ Optimize Can Help

    Our initial analysis of your documents will identify duplicate content and reveal any inefficiencies.

    Where you may have used multiple templates for slightly different versions of the same document before, we can create a single common template that standardizes the shared content between those different versions.

    Make Content Management More Efficient:

    • Add unique data and messaging through variable fields 
    • Produce the same output as before, but faster and easier 
    • End user experience is uninterrupted for smoother CX

    Get Started

    Streamline Document Management with Content Rationalization

    Manage a single document that can be updated for different use cases instead of maintaining an individual version for every slight variation.

    Benefits of Clear™ Optimize



    Reduce the volume of document types for a more simplified and streamlined content library.



    Cut down time spent on development when switching between providers.



    Global edits apply important messaging updates or corrections to all related documents.



    Minimize resources needed to maintain content and let your team focus on more important tasks.



    Improve user experience and content effectiveness as part of Neps’ overall Clear™ practice.

    How Clear™ Optimize Works

    The Clear™ team uncovers redundant content across all your documents and supplies a strategy for you to improve those inefficiencies.



    Our experts will use AI-driven technology to identify redundant content across all versions of existing templates.



    Then, they consolidate templates that share common content and add variable fields to customize messaging.



    In the end, you will have a ready-to-use library of optimized templates for more efficient document creation.

    Where to Start

    Clear™ Optimize reduces the cost and time associated with managing all your templates while still retaining the specifics of each document version your business requires. 


    Documents that Benefit from Content Rationalization Services:

    • Statements requiring different messaging for various locations 
    • Notices that will include additional information for some subsets of users 
    • Contracts and agreements with varying terms and deadlines
    • Communications by large enterprises that struggle with consistent brand management

    See for yourself how Clear™ Optimize transforms the way you manage documents.