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Clear Communications PracticeTM

The NEPS Clear™ Communications Practice is a professional service offering that ensures our client’s communications are understandable and that they elicit the appropriate action.

  • Letters & Correspondence

  • Forms & Applications

  • Bills, Notices & Invoices

  • Statements & Confirms

  • Policies & Welcome Kits

  • Explanation of Benefits

The sequencing and placement of messages on a page, the words and phrases used, the sizes and styles of fonts chosen, and other factors like these dramatically impact the clarity of a communication.

clear communications samples
  • Increase customer engagement
    & response

  • Optimize postage &
    production expenses

  • Synchronize print & electronic
    delivery channels

Our Services

  • Statement Redesign

    High-volume statements and bills, complex transactional documents, welcome kits, policies and correspondence. We specialize in complex data-driven and rules-based documents.

  • Content Analysis

    A systematic classification process of identifying patterns found in the content. Transform content using plain language to minimize redundancies, develop shared content, and improve readability across all communications.

  • Self-Service Solutions

    Gives business users control of content and rules-based composition in a friendly user interface. Correspondence communications — letters with a full-service solution, self-service interface.

  • Omni-channel Delivery

    Synchronize your print and digital output to delivering communications in the customers preferred channel. Deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels.

  • Template & Content Rationalization

    Eliminate redundant and inconsistent templates and content.  Deliver a consistent voice to your customers by providing streamlined, manageable, and efficient processing.

  • Usability Testing

    Usability testing results in ROI in many ways; decreased customer service calls, reduced production costs, increase in customer retention, more timely calls to action and a better customer experience. 

Clear Customer communications are an important gateway to reinforce a company’s value proposition & create a better customer experience

Xplor2020 Application of the Year NEPS logo

2020 Xplor Application of the Year Award Winner

NEPS empowers their customers by deploying their award winning NSite™ Platform with the Editor self-service UI and utilizing their Clear™ Communications Practice. The Clear™ analysis and transformation services drove an improved look and feel, used plain language, and significantly reduced the number of working templates - optimizing internal delivery from months to weeks while converting a large percentage of customer applications from paper to digital.