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Transform Form Autiomation Solution


An impressive form automation solution that increases
user engagement and data usability through guided digital forms

Interactive Enterprise Forms with Step-by-Step Guidance:

  • • Transform static forms into automated forms with a guided interview experience
  • • Dynamic digital forms that scale and adapt to varying requirements and regulations
  • • Improve accuracy and productivity by reducing Not in Good Order (NIGO) forms 
  • • Accelerate time to signature with our mobile-ready, easy-to-use form automation solution
  • • Save time and reduce errors with web form filling automation from existing systems

TransForm is a form automation solution that uses dynamic digital forms to increase user engagement, improve accuracy, enhance data processing, and reduce operating costs.

Automated Forms that Get Results

Improve your data collection process from start to finish using Neps' form automation solution, TransForm™.  Create custom guided forms that empower users, improve response rates, promote accuracy, and provide real-time results.  

Free yourself from old-fashioned forms and streamline your workflow. Ready to securely collect and process information with ease using dynamic digital forms? What are you waiting for?

It's Time to TransForm™ Your Communications:

  • • Integrate with systems of record to verify and pre-fill known information
  • Collect and validate new information using form automation
  • • Intuitive, guided experience with each response driving the next question
  • Save and resume automated forms across channels and devices
  • Make dynamic recommendations using conditional skip logic

Get Started

Spark the Conversation with Form Automation

Engage customers to capture valuable, actionable data using Neps' innovative web form filling automation solution.

TransForm™ Your Process



Reduce incomplete
and Not in Good Order (NIGO) forms from 35% to less than 2%.



Cut customer service call volumes by 45% by digitizing forms with self-service guidance.



Improve processing times with form automation and provide real-time updates to end-users.



Streamline internal systems and reduce the time to complete enterprise forms by 60–75%.



Simplify the signing experience with direct, seamless integrations with your e-signature provider of choice.

How It Works

TransForm™ provides a single point of entry for all enterprise form experiences.


Find a Form

TransForm™ helps users find the correct automated form using an interactive, interview-style experience that increases engagement and response rates.


Capture Data

TransFormguides the user through the digital form with engaging prompts to ensure accurate data collection and completion.


Analyze Results

 TransForm™ keeps your data accessible and actionable, supporting backend analytics and allowing users to update their forms.

Where to Start

TransForm™ makes automated forms management faster and more efficient while improving Not in Good Order (NIGO) metrics and user experience. 


Enterprise Forms that Benefit from TransForm


    New Policy Applications, Quotes, Proposals, Contracts, Requests for Information


    Phones, Laptops, Company Credit Cards, Supplies


    Jobs, Education Grants, Leave of Absence


    Internal Classes, Wellness Programs, Financial Transactions



See for yourself how TransForm is digitizing forms across all major industries, revolutionizing form automation.